Best Tips For Safe Move Of A Piano

Best Tips For Safe Move Of A Piano

The piano is a special asset for people who love music. It is a beautiful piece of art that is kept in our home. Some people who love music are psychologically attached to the piano. This musical instrument is sometimes filled with the remembrance of someone’s childhood or is an antique that is handled with care by the generations. Pianos are very heavy and bulky so they are hard to replace. A piano has various internal parts and components and any shock or vibration can cause damage to it.

It is a delicate string instrument so it requires the utmost care while relocating from one place to another. Whether you have a grand piano or electric piano, to remove all types of pianos you are required to have patience, skill and experience. That is why people always try to hire the best piano removers for safe piano relocation.

If you are moving your piano to your new home whether locally or interstate, it requires proper care and skills for relocation. So you should have proper equipment and vehicles, for the safe movement of your piano. Here are some helpful tips that will guide you for the safe relocation of your piano.

Protect The Keyboard Before The Move

This is the first step to take for the relocation of a piano. Keyboard is an important part of the piano so it should be well protected before the move. Close and lock the keyboard lid properly, this will prevent it from opening during the move. The keys of the keyboard are very fragile so there is a need to protect them carefully. If the keyboard key is unable to lock then make sure that lid is properly closed when you wrap the piano. Avoid using tape to keep the lid close because it will damage the wood surface.

Properly Wrap The Piano

As the piano is made from wood so there are chances of getting scratches during the move. So to avoid this you can wrap the piano with protective coverings such as moving blankets. Make sure that the corners are covered, this will protect your wall from getting marks. Using packing tape or bungee cords, secure the piano with moving blankets. Make sure that the blanket or padding that you are using to cover the piano should be thick enough to prevent scratches or dents during the move. Remember that moving blankets should not be so thick that they add too much thickness or weight to your piano. So will create difficulty for you as the piano is itself a bulky item.

Use The Right Equipment

Piano is a heavy item so the right equipment is required for the relocation of it. You should use a furniture dolly that can support the weight of the piano. It will ensure the easy move of the piano. You can purchase a furniture dolly or if you want to buy it on rent you can.

The task of movement of the piano can be completed with the use of dolly or straps. Use heavy duty straps that will provide a better hold on the piano itself. You can also hire a moving agency to complete this difficult task. They have all the essential equipment for the safe move of the piano and they also have experience of doing this job in a secure manner.

Seek For A Help

As you know piano is a heavy item so it can’t be relocated with one or two persons. So you will need the help of at least four to five people for the safe movement of the piano. Ask from friends or family members you believe are physically capable of moving a heavy thing.

Task will become easy with the help of a few extra hands. But if there is no one to help you then you can also hire a professional removalist for the safe move of your piano. They are experienced and skilled employees who also have all of the necessary relocation equipment. So you can choose the best professional removalist to complete this difficult task.

Lifting Of The Piano

You must remember not to lift the piano by its legs when moving it into place, whether on the furniture dolly, into the truck, or to another room in the house. Legs are particularly vulnerable. Maintain the upright position of the piano as well. It’s not good for the inner mechanics to lay it on its side. Follow these steps:

  • Place two people on each end of the piano, one strap on each end, and the moving straps under the bottom of the piano.
  • Lift the piano onto the furniture dolly with one person holding each end of each strap you should now have four people helping, each supporting the four corners.
  • Make absolutely sure the piano legs are flat on the dolly before securing it.
  • If the piano has casters, either lock them in place or make sure the piano is properly secured.

Safely Loading In The Truck

The piano should be placed near the back wall of the moving truck, which divides the truck’s interior cab from the cargo compartment. It’ll be one of the first things you pack and one of the final things you unload at your new home. Because most truck areas are not level, many piano movers recommend utilising wood planks to ensure a level floor for the piano. This relieves pressure on the casters and piano legs, which would otherwise struggle to maintain stability during the trip. Lay planks along the back wall if you’re using them.

  • Place the piano on the planks after lifting it from the dolly.
  • Secure the piano to the truck wall using the movable straps.
  • Check to make sure the piano won’t slide around in the truck.

Last Note

Pianos are very heavy and pretty solid and  their inner workings are sensitive for the move. So each time when a piano is moved you should be very careful regardings its safety. By following the above tips you will be able to move your piano as safely as possible. Remember that this move requires lots of safety measures. You should use special equipment for damage free relocation.

There should be at least four people for your help in moving. If you are not capable of doing this difficult task then you can hire professionals for completing your task . It will be the best option for the safe and damage free move of your valuable item. Professional removalists are skilled and experienced and have all the required equipment for the removal of the piano.

So you should go for one of the best professional removalists to complete your task.  OZ Furniture Removals are the best removalists in Australia for the removal of piano or other valuable items from your house. Because all of our employees are qualified and experienced, we can provide the greatest services. We provide you a comprehensive list of services that will simplify your task of interstate relocation.

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