Frequently Ask Questions

Do You Move Pianos?
Yes, we move pianos, but only as part of a larger move and they can incur a surcharge. If you need to move a piano, please let us know in advance because we have specialty teams to keep your piano safe and secure during the move.
Do You Move Pool Tables?
Yes, we do move pool tables, but only as part of a larger move and they require at least 4 OZ Movers to lift safely and also incur a moving surcharge.
Can You Move Gas Bottles?
No, we can’t move gas bottles.
Can My Pets Travel in the Moving Truck?
No, we don’t move any live animals in travel cages or out of them.
Is There Anything you won't Move?
Yes, we won’t move any item or material that could potentially be explosive, radioactive, hazardous or illegal. That includes vehicles. You can read more about these exclusions in our Terms and Conditions.
Can My Pot Plants Be Moved?
Yes, we can move pot plants, but they usually don’t like being moved. That’s why we recommend you don’t water them for a few days before the move and give them an extra good watering afterwards.
How are we different from others?
The OZ Furniture Removals Australia has skilled and experienced professionals that provide the best and reliable service at the most reasonable prices. We use the latest and advanced techniques to complete the move. You will get satisfactory service from our end.
How do you handle precious and delicate items?
Professionals of OZ Furniture Removals deliver the utmost care to fragile items. Our packers use the best packing material for packing fragile items. We use industrial-strength bubble wrap for packing delicate items, and according to the size of the object, we wrap it in the sturdy box and label them clearly so that individuals get the idea that it should be handled with care.