A Perfect Guide For Packing Fragile Items For Moving

The most important thing to consider while moving is to shift fragile items safely and securely without any breakage. Packaging all fragile items might take some extra time, but you can shift them damage-free with your small efforts. Whether you are planning to move or moving with the help of professional furniture removalists movers, make sure to follow our steps to save your fragile items. In this blog, we will introduce you to the technique to pack fragile items to avoid breakage and types of damage-free fragile items.

What are fragile items?

Graceful items in the home are susceptible to damage if not handled properly. The probability of their damage is more than other household items in your home. The items like crockery, picture frames, jewelry, etc. 

For sure the biggest challenge during moving is to take care of delicate items. It is a priority to keep them safe and secure while moving home. 

Types of damage for fragile items

 While deciding your moving date you can start the packing process as early as you can. Most of the items that are non-breakable are easy to pack and shift, you don’t need to be worried about any damage. The moving process can be difficult with the items glasses, lamps, crockery, photo frames, etc. Damage mainly occurs in the three situations given below. 

  • Fragile items strike against each other in the boxes 
  • Dropping fragile boxes
  • Improper loading boxes in moving truck 

A few protection steps allow you to avoid the breakage. You need to be a little aware of the consequences that can occur while moving your home. 

How to pack fragile items

Glass crockery is the most common fragile item to break at the time of moving. Most of the breakable items in your home will come from the kitchen area. So be sure to take your time when packing these items. Glassware’s require a little extra care because of the way they are set into the boxes. Make sure to provide padding between individual items in sequence. Place a plate down, then lay down a layer of foam or bubble wrap, and then place another dish on the wrap and follow them again and again. After having a stack of five or six plates, start with a new stack. 

Essentials to keep glassware safe and secure

  • Bubble wraps
  • Cardboard dividers
  • Clothing 
  • Foam inserts

Most of the art wall paintings won’t be able to fit into the standard boxes, but there are a number of ways to protect them from damage. You can use a blanket to cover up frames or TVs. In the below section, we will discuss the steps to pack fragile items that won’t fit into the boxes. 

  • Spread the blanket on the ground.
  • Wrap layers of bubble wrap vertically and horizontally across each side.
  • Lay down the piece of art on the center of the blanket. Fold the moving blanket around every corner.
  • At last, apply a few rounds of plastic wrap. Don’t over-tighten the wapping.

If you are looking to move a TV and any other precious and expensive wall item, get a special moving box. To ensure the item is securely put some pieces of newspaper inside the boxes on every side of the TV so that the tv won’t slide around too much. 

Do Not Overpack Boxes

Moving boxes are appropriate for a damage-free move. However, you should not overload these boxes with heavy items. We know that cardboard material is hard and best for moving but still you can put a lot of heavy stuff in the boxes. If you do, it will be a massive risk that you should not take. 

Put Labels On Your Boxes

Make sure to label every box item-wise. It will help the Removalists in Melbourne to save the fragile during the loading process. They will know which boxes require extra care so they will load boxes accordingly. 

Use Plenty of Packing Tape

In order to save the boxes from damage make sure to apply an extra layer of tapping, at the bottom of the boxes. In order to save the boxes from damage make sure to apply an extra layer of tapping, at the bottom of the boxes. The tape will give items extra support and help to save items from breakage. 

Take Your Time

Don’t rush to pack your essentials. You might get injured or have to face a big loss. Make a checklist of all the items that you need to move. If you think the list is too long, instead of leaving all work for the last moment, start packing earlier at least two months before moving day comes. This technique will help you to save your items from breakage. 

The Ending Note

Fragile items are often expensive to buy and hard to hold in good value for people. This kind of item requires extra care and dedication for moving. Our essential moving tips to save your fragile objects. Fragile items are often expensive to buy and hard to hold in good value for people. These kinds of items require extra care and dedication for moving. Take your time to pack your essential items carefully. 

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