Essential Tips To Consider While Moving A Spa Tub

Essential Tips To Consider While Moving A Hot Tub

The spa is a personal sanctuary for many people and it is important that the tub is moved properly in order to preserve its integrity. It’s an expensive and valuable item and any harm to it can result in a huge expense for you. If you’re thinking about moving to a spa tub, there are some essential tips that everyone should consider for a safe and damage-free move. This blog contains some helpful tips you should follow when you plan to move your hot tub. By following these steps you may experience a hassle-free relocation. 

  • Get Ready With Your Supplies 

The very first step for relocation of the spa tub is to know what supplies you will need during the move and then collect all the supplies.  Moving supplies will include furniture dollies, moving straps, large pieces of plywood, cleaning supplies, and measuring supplies. All these supplies are essential for the relocation of the pool table.  Most of these supplies can be found at your nearby local market, but make sure that all the supplies are up to the mark. Before purchasing the dollies, ask the store what amount of weight the dollies can handle and purchase the dollies according to the weight of your spa table. Simply purchase all the supplies according to your requirements.  

  • Disconnect And Prepare Your Hot Tub For Moving 

It is important to disconnect the spa table for your move. Follow these tips for disconnecting:

  1. Start by disconnecting the power source. Turn off the breaker switch within the circuit box which needs to be found. You can easily unplug a 110v spa-style hot tub from the wall if you have one. You’ll need an electrician to assist you in properly disconnecting your hot tub if it is directly attached to the power source.
  2. After removing the drain valve cover, attach a hose to the drain valve. Take the garden hose and connect one end to the valve while running the other end to a drainage area.
  3. Drain the spa tub. Since you cannot move your spa tub while it is filled with water, the next step is to drain it. To do it correctly, make sure to pay heed to the manufacturer’s instructions for the spa tub. Typically, you must first access the side panel in order to cut off the water supply. Use a long hose to remove the water from your spa tub if it is indoors. If your spa tub is outside, next to your garden, you can directly drain it into that garden or, if that’s an option for you, pump the water out close to a street gutter.
  4. Clean and dry out the tub. To clean the inside of your spa tub, use an all-purpose cleaning or a cleaner suggested by the manufacturer. Wipe it down to avoid any surface deterioration. Use bath towels to absorb any water that is left over after thorough rinsing. To move on to the next stage of your spa tub relocation, it is critical to completely clean and dry your spa tub.
  5. Remove the tub’s cover. If your spa tub has a cover that can be removed, it is preferable to do so and move the cover independently of the tub. After the relocation is complete, you should be able to easily and damage-free reattach it. The cover of your portable spa must typically be unscrewed with an appropriate screwdriver. Don’t forget to keep the tiny screws in a safe place; a plastic Ziploc bag works best.

  • Measure The Moving Truck 

Your spa tub should fit comfortably inside the moving vehicle you choose for the relocation. Also, measure the dimensions of your spa tub unless you already know the precise size from the instructions. Your measurement tools will be put to use here. For the tub to fit inside the moving truck properly, you must measure both their sizes. The moving vehicle needs to be big enough to prevent the spa tub from being damaged. The tub should be able to be transported simply with the help of the loading ramp on the moving truck. There are many firms that provide rental trucks for appropriate moving vehicles for your DIY requirements. 

  • Put Your Hot Tub On A Dolly 

The best approach to relocating a hot tub is to use a furniture dolly. A furniture dolly that has been firmly strapped or roped to the front of the spa tub should support it. Make sure you have at least three people to help you move it because it will be hefty before you do so. Additionally, the extra hands will aid in balancing and guiding the hot tub onto the dolly. Two individuals should be placed on opposite corners of the same side. They should elevate one side while sliding a 4×4 piece of lumber below one person. This will assist in raising the tub off the floor. You should be able to slip the dolly underneath the hot tub from this position. Do not skip this phase! Take your time carefully positioning the dolly into the proper position because the tub is already raised up. You should then lift the other side of the hot tub and take the wooden boards off once it is in position.   

  • Properly Inspect The Exit Path Of The Spa Tub  

You should inspect each and every path before where the spa table needs to be moved. Whether you have to move downstairs or have to move from a short passage, all things should be considered and managed properly. Ensure that there are no hazards or barriers along the spa tub’s planned exit path by taking a walk along it. 

Pay close attention to your surroundings and take the right action.  Make sure that It should not damage your yard, and should be moved in a perfect manner. If there are stairs or steps involved, you should employ experienced movers because things could rapidly turn dangerous. 

Carefully Load The Tub On The Moving Truck 

This step is most challenging in moving a spa tub with a moving truck. You’ll probably need to rent a truck in order to relocate a pool effectively and safely. After all, fitting the tub into your car or truck would be challenging! If you’re merely relocating the hot tub to a different spot in your yard, you can lift it and slide the boards underneath it; after it’s in the right place, you can take the dolly out of the way. 

To push the spa tub up the loading ramp, there should be one person in front to provide direction, and the others should be at the back. To keep the hot tub from toppling, the third assistant should stand on one side of the ramp. The other side of the ramp can be covered if you have a fourth person to assist you, protecting all four sides. Attach it to the sides of the vehicle to protect the spa tub from shifting while being carried, once it is inside the moving vehicle. 

If you are particularly worried about loading that large weight into the truck, get in touch with professionals that have done it safely thousands of times before. 

  • Unload Your Tub Safely To The New Location 

Once the moving truck has arrived at the new place check once more that you will be able to move the hot tub without any obstruction in the way. The tub should next be prepared to be moved down the ramp after any straps holding it in place have been removed. While another person assists in guiding the tub down the ramp, keep one person inside the vehicle to hold the tub. 

To keep the tub balanced, your team’s third and fourth volunteers can stand on each side of the ramp. Place the 4×4 boards below the tub after carefully moving it to the new site so that the dolly can slide underneath.  Once it’s at the ideal location, gradually remove each board until the tub is completely on the floor.  When you get it to your position, try to put it in the appropriate area. Don’t keep attempting to shift it.


Although moving a hot tub yourself is an option, it can be difficult, tiresome, and unpleasant. To move the tub securely and successfully, you’ll need more than one person, and you’ll also need to be able to maneuver it through potentially tense scenarios like a doorframe or onto a moving truck. The best approach to transporting a hot tub is to hire a skilled team of professional movers rather than trying to do it yourself.