How To Pack & Move A Refrigerator For Storage?

Move A Refrigerator For Storage
Moving is a challenging task; however, moving hefty items such as refrigerators or freezers into the storage demands a thorough plan and strict adherence to it. There is not a single exceptional trick that makes your move less challenging. Essentials like refrigerators are not only hefty but also expensive. However, you need a set of tips and tricks to move them safely into the storage without any damage or loss. It is highly recommended to allow the professionals to do the job as they have the skill to apply the right techniques using tools moving your hefty and costly item safely. Experienced and skilled removalists like OZ Furniture Removals can assist you in packing the refrigerators and freezers safely and making a smooth and stress-free move. This blog piece will take you through some tips and tricks, whether you are moving intrastate or interstate, and make a damage-free refrigerator move. Let’s get through it.

Vacant All The Items In The Fridge

The first and foremost thing you should do before you begin the move is to empty the fridge and discard all the items kept in it. Then, if you need any item for a longer time, you can store it somewhere else.

Vacate All The Items In The Fridge

Perishable items must be used before the due dates or through the days leading to the move. This will serve the two purposes- you won’t have to visit the grocery store prior to the move, and you can vacate your refrigerator before you move.

Clean The refrigerator & Defrost It

Once you have emptied the fridge, the second step is to clean it. It is recommended to use warm water and white vinegar to clean each and every part of the refrigerator neatly. Before cleaning, defrost the refrigerator and drain the water from the freezer.

Clean The refrigerator & Defrost It

It is very important to defrost the fridge otherwise the water will be spilt out during the relocation. Next, unplug the appliance from the power source, roll up the power cable, and secure it to the rear of the fridge when it’s completely defrosted. To avoid foul smells, keep the doors open. To prevent smells from accumulating, keep a bowl of baking soda on a refrigerator shelf.

Pack Your Refrigerator Efficiently

After defrosting the refrigerator, you have to pack your appliance efficiently. Packing is the major factor that decides the safety of an essential. Allow the professionals to provide you with the packing and unpacking service as they have the right technique and tools to pack your fridge properly. The professionals will pack your fridge using bubble wrap and blankets to avoid any damage during the relocation. Packing will also consist of protecting the doors of the fridge. Secure the packing material with packing tape to ensure double protection. 

Clear the Path Between The Fridge To The Moving Vehicle

The most significant step during the relocation of a hefty and costly appliance is to make sure that the way between the fridge and the relocation vehicle is clear. Ensure that there are no obstacles on the way that can cause damage or harm to the appliance. Also, measure the size and space your refrigerator would take to move and the length of your entrances and exits. If you think a difference between both can cause any difficulty, then it is advisable to remove the doors to create extra space to move your fridge smoothly to the relocation vehicle. 

Use The Right Equipment To Load the Fridge

The right equipment and the right technique used by specialized movers are very important to move your appliance safely. Lift your refrigerator forth with care so that it is slightly tilted. Here you will experience how it is difficult to move yourself and convenient to hire professionals for moving. Move furniture sliders under the fridge’s backside. Hold both sides of your body in front of your fridge.

Right Equipment To Load the Fridge

Squeeze from side to side, then forward slowly. It should start moving towards you at this moment. Putting a fridge on wheels is the easiest way to transport it to your vehicle. You’ll need some extra help for this. This is something that moving firms can handle for you; otherwise, you’ll need to find a wheeled trolley. It’s considerably easier to utilize a ramp instead of lifting the fridge onto the truck. This speeds up and simplifies the operation, reducing the risk of injury.

Place The Fridge In A Correct Stance

Refrigerators should be moved upright and fastened with extra ropes or cords. However, if this isn’t practicable, they can be laid flat on the vehicle’s floor. Assemble it such that it is as secure as possible and will not tumble over during shipment. Your refrigerator must be in a correct position during the move, in the relocation vehicle and in the storage facility to avoid any kind of inconvenience.  

Select The Storage With Favorable Conditions

A professional storage amenity comprises climate-control techniques to safeguard your fridge from temperature-related harm, such as moisture or water leaks. A hygienic, dry storage container is critical to keeping your refrigerator in top shape so that it may be returned to you in the same condition as when you first received it. Furthermore, a storage facility should be safe and secure, safeguarding your belongings against fire, theft, and animals. Keep the doors of your refrigerator open for some time to get rid of built foul smells, if any. Also, if you are storing your appliance for a long time in the warehouse, it is recommended to check out the fridge after a few intervals of time. 

Let The Specialists To Move & Pack Your Refrigerator 

You can easily and securely relocate your appliance into a storage unit now that you know how to move a refrigerator. You’ll be able to avoid any damage to your goods or property by following our moving refrigerator’s recommendations, allowing the entire procedure to go as smoothly as possible. We’re experts in packing and moving large objects like refrigerators into storage at OZ Furniture Removals. We have a variety of storage alternatives available throughout Australia to meet all budgets and needs. We’ll carry your belongings into storage for you without you having to lift a finger, and we’ll deliver them back to you whenever you need them. Get in contact with us quickly for a free-of-cost estimate.