The Ultimate Guide To Relocating Dining Table And Chairs

The Ultimate Guide To Relocating Dining Table And Chairs

If you’re looking to relocate your dining table and chairs to a new home, there are many things that need to happen before you can start moving the furniture. A complete guide on relocating these pieces of furniture that includes steps on how to prepare for the move, what to expect when moving, and how to transport the furniture safely.

OZ Furniture Removals‘ expert team has prepared an article about everything you need to know to make the process easier. Whether you are moving into a new apartment or just want to give your dining room a facelift, this guide provides information on properly relocating a dining table with chairs.

Different Types Of Dining Tables And Chairs

There are a few different types of dining tables and chairs available in the market, each with its own unique features that can make dining in your home or office more comfortable. The most prevalent kinds of dining tables and chairs are listed here.

Traditional Tables: A traditional dining table is typically rectangular in shape and features a piano or other finish on one or both ends. These tables can be easily converted into either an office chair or a dinner table, depending on your needs. They are generally less expensive than other types of dining tables but may not be as versatile.

Extended Tables: An extended table is similar to a traditional table but features longer legs that make it easier to seat multiple people. These tables are popular for large rooms or gathering areas and are often decorated with additional features like leafy plants or artwork. They can be more expensive than traditional tables but often come with a greater variety of accessories.

Contemporary Tables: Contemporary tables are designed to look sleek and modern, no matter how often they’re used. This table type is usually smaller in size than other types, comes in various finishes, and is more expensive than the other two types.

What Is The Best Way To Pack A Dining Table?

Before packing up your home, take some photographs of the condition of the furniture to make a claim against movers in case of any damage and show them after you have packed up your furniture. Clean the furniture well, let it dry completely and be sure to pack it into boxes so that it won’t get damaged because of dust or liquid. Relocating furniture traps dampness, so ensure everything is packed snugly and safely. A coat of furniture polish or paste wax can protect the wood from scratches during the move.

How To Dismantle A Dining Table?

Do not remove it if you have a glass top or marble top. Have a large, soft blanket on the floor and place the table upside down with its legs pointing upwards. It is better to remove the legs from a table to relocate it conveniently. Know how your particular table is put together beforehand. Wrap the detached legs in bubble wrap, then tape it down along its length with packing tape. Place the hardware removed from the work surface in a plastic bag and tape it to the bottom of the table or one of the wrapped legs.

How to Pack A Dining Table To Make It Portable?

The first step to secure your dining table  is to arrange for quality packing material. Cover the edges and corners of your table with corrugated cardboard. Wrap the tabletop in moving blankets, overlapping them by about 6-16 inches (depending on the width of your tabletop). Wrap packing tape around the tabletop to assure the blankets are in position. If the blankets aren’t wrapping around the furniture, you can tape them to the underside of the table. Be careful not to tape directly on the table’s surface, though, as adhesive residue or damage could happen.

How To Pack A Glass Table Top When Relocating It?

If the top of your table is resting on the wood without being attached, you can lift the glass item away. If it is screwed into the table base, you’ll need a screwdriver to separate the glass top from the frame. Use masking tape in several directions on the glass to prevent it from breaking and make it stronger and more stable during the move. Check out what you need to pack for a camping trip without glass.

Cover the glass top in packing paper and reserve it with tape. If you are using a piece of cardboard, make sure to make it a few inches bigger than the tabletop and fold the excess outwards around the edge of the glass item. Label the sides of the box “FRAGILE” and “HANDLE IT WITH CARE” with a permanent marker to see them easily.

The Best Packing Tips For Wrapping Dining Chairs

There are a few different ways to ensure chairs won’t be damaged during a move. Your expertly wrapped dining chairs will have no trouble during the journey to your new house relocation.

1) Dismantle your dining chairs to make them more space-efficient and easier to transport. Chairs can be very difficult to pack, load, and transport in their usual shape. Besides, a dining set usually consists of 6 to 12 chairs that will take up a lot of room in the truck if transported as they are. Therefore, you are advised to remove the legs from the chairs as you did with the table legs (if possible) and wrap them individually in bubble wrap. Then, wrap a moving blanket around the back and seat of each chair and secure it with tape

2) If you can’t or don’t want to take your dining chairs apart, wrap the legs with bubble wrap and stretch the wrap over the fabric upholstery. Don’t forget to do this for any extension, rail, or bar on your chairs as well.

3) Place a large moving blanket on the ground. Place the chair on the blanket kitty-corner with the top of your furniture facing you. Place the blanket corner over the chair.

4) Cover both sides as you place the blanket between the legs and the chair. Take the remaining blankets and fold them inwardly between the legs of your chair. You should make sure that the blanket is snugly pulled against the chair. Place the furniture on its legs and secure the blanket to the chair. To secure the blanket, wrap packing tape around the chair.

The Best Way To Relocate A Dining Table

  • Clear space around dining room furniture for ease of movement. Clear the area between your dining table and chairs and the truck. If necessary, remove doors from their hinges to allow larger items to pass through doorways.
  • One person should hold the table at one end. The other must hold it at the opposite end. Turn the table, so the top is vertically parallel to the floor. Take care not to bang your tables and chairs against door frames or other things when transporting it out of your house.
  • If you cannot remove the legs of the table, grab the apron and lift the table off the ground. Then, carry the furniture horizontally, to ensure smooth furniture relocation. You should not pull a table across the floor. This can cause damage to the floor as well as the furniture. 
  • Place the tabletop against the truck’s wall, on the longest side. To preserve the tabletop stable during transit, use straps or cords to secure it. Secure the legs to the floor by placing them on top. This will prevent them from rolling and causing damage to other items.
  • The legs can still be attached to the table to move the furniture to a standing position. However, you should place heavy boxes under the table to keep them still during transport. Be careful not to place any sharp or heavy objects on top of your table, as this could cause damage regardless of how well the furniture is wrapped. 
  • Remember that your dining room table will not be stable even with the “anchoring boxes” and could become swayed on its legs. You might prefer to place your furniture on its side and cover the legs with moving blankets. You should secure any items near the table legs. They can cause damage to the legs if they move during transportation.

Make a list of everything that needs to be moved and weighed down. This includes the table itself, chairs, leaves, candles, statuary, and any other pieces of furniture that will be attached to the table. Be realistic about how much weight the table and chairs can carry! Decide where you’ll be storing the furniture while it’s being moved. Will it fit in one van or two? If it needs to go in multiple vans or trucks, plan by marking which van each piece will go in so you don’t get stuck trying to find a way to transport it later. For more useful blogs on the furniture relocation checkout, OZ Furniture Removals Blogs.