We all know that packing the kitchen for our expected upcoming move from one place to another could be a disheartening adventure. It is one of the hardest rooms for packing in our house which has lots of small supplies, pots, pans, utensils, cabinets, shelves, kitchen appliances, and food items. It has varieties of items with unusual shapes and sizes as compared to the other rooms of our house. The kitchen is also primarily used in the house. 

We need to pack the kitchen items with proper care as a slight mismanage may spoil our kitchen items like crockery or appliances. Home shifting becomes effortless when we plan properly and know how to pack our kitchen items. We need to think about packing our kitchen in different stages so that it can be used until the last minute. A proper approach is necessary for us to keep in mind when it’s time to pack the kitchen items for moving into a new place. 


A variety of packing supplies are needed for making the move successful. Here we would like to explain some of the mandatory packing supplies that you will need for completing your move. 

LARGE BOXES are perfect for lightweight, hard-to-pack things like plastic items, dish stands, small gadgets, baking tins, etc.

MEDIUM BOXES are perfect for heavy things like pantry items, pots, pans, utensils, silverware, drawer items, big gadgets, etc. 

SMALL BOXES are used for packing small things like spice containers, loose items, etc. 

HEAVY-DUTY BOXES are thick, double walls and perfect to pack fragile items like plates, glasses, stemware, wine bottles, etc.

PACKING PAPER AND BUBBLE WRAP for covering fragile items, food items, gadgets, and crockeries to prevent them from clashing with each other and breaking.

OTHER THINGS like packing tape, plastic Ziploc, box dividers, and sticking labels too.

Right Packing Technique For Some Kitchen Items: 

  • DISHES: They are mainly flat and easy to assemble which makes them easy to pack. Still, we should pack them securely as they are breakable. They are bulky and huge, so we have to pack them in a medium-sized box. Before putting them into the boxes, we have to cover each dish with packing paper and fill the gaps with bubble wrap, and at last secure the box with packing tape and stick labels too.

  • GLASSWARE: These are one of the most fragile items in our kitchen. We need to pack them with full protection to prevent any breakage or damage. Packing wine glasses and cups in a standing position in a proper way inside one heavy-duty box with dividers can keep them secured. For packing, we have to wrap each glass item with packing paper first and put dividers in between, next cover the box with layers of bubble wrap and secure it with packing tape and stick labels too.
  • CUTLERY AND KNIVES: We need to be extra cautious while packing cutlery and knives as they are sharp, hard, and oddly shaped. Pack each item with packing wrap first, then secure the wrapped packs with a rubber band or tape, and then cover them with bubble wrap before putting them into the box. At last, secure the box with packing tape and stick labels too.
  • FOODSTUFFS: We should not buy too many foodstuffs if the moving day is nearby. We need to use whatever is available in the kitchen. It will help us only by reducing the packing efforts and expensive groceries will not be wasted. We can pack spice jars, pantry items, and any edibles in small boxes and dry food items in large boxes. Also, we need to fill the gaps or spaces with packing wraps and secure the box with packing tape and stick labels too. 
  • COOKWARES: They are mainly less fragile items as compared to other kitchenware. Cookware like pots and pans are still to be secured from dents and breakages. We can fill the space by settling pots and pans that fit together without any force. While settling them, place packing wrap between each piece. After that, place them inside the box and fill the gaps with bubble wrap. Also, secure the box with packing tape and stick labels too.
  • SMALL KITCHEN GADGETS: Our small kitchen gadgets such as mixers, toasters, blenders, and coffee makers should be packed securely. We need to pack them in their original boxes or if their boxes are not found, we can use similar size heavy-duty boxes. Firstly, we need to cover each part separately with packing wrap, and then place them inside the box. After that fill the gaps with bubble wrap and secure the box with packing tape and stick labels too.

  • BIG KITCHEN GADGETS: We should pack our big kitchen gadgets such as refrigerators, and dishwashers securely. For that, we need to put them in their original boxes or big-sized heavy-duty boxes. While packing, firstly, cover them with packing wraps and then layer them with bubble wrap. After placing it inside the box, fill the gaps with bubble wrap to provide cushioning and secure the box with packing tape and stick labels too. Also, tie them to the side of the shipping vehicle with the help of a rope to prevent them from any external force while in transit.  


Our house shifting becomes easier and smooth when we know the tips for packing kitchen items. They must be packed at the last and first thing to unpack in our new place, things that are not required daily, can be packed beforehand. With proper assembling and careful cushioning, our kitchen items will safely arrive at our new house without any damage. We need to make an essentials box too for a few days before moving which contains foodstuffs and daily needs items. 

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